Frequently Asked Questions:

 Civil Service Study Guide and Practice Test Product Information

Questions and Answers:

1. Does this study guide cover all aspects (content, question format, etc.) of a general Civil Service Examination? And the "specialty" exams as well...

A: Absolutely. Each section has a full discussion of what to expect, how the section is put together and includes tips to score big. While no study guide is perfect. A lot of time, money and research was done to put together a comprehensive study guide help you succeed.

2. Do you any have any practice problems?

A. Yes. You get some real life problems that should be very similar to your actual Civil Service Test. Furthermore, you are given a complete answer key that provides a full explanation of how the problem is solved. That is extremely valuable to you as a test taker. You want to be able to solve the problems correctly. And if you get stuck, you need an answer key that contains a full explanation. That is the only true way to learn and succeed.

3.  With the price of many Civil Service Exam Study books costing as high as $150, how do you keep your price so low?

A: Again, we offer Civil Service Study Guides. Also this study guide is available via download. As a result ours costs are minimized. You, the end user benefits. You get great practice, loaded with insider tips and tricks at one low affordable price.

4. How do I get my copy of this Civil Service Study Guide?

A:  Easy, all you need to do is order. Next you are directed to our 100% secure and encrypted payment page. Next you enter your credit card information or pay pal information. After that, you are given a link to download your own personal copy of the study guide. That's really all there is to it. The download itself is very fast. It only takes 2 seconds or less to download.

5.  Do you guarantee that I will pass if I buy this study guide?

A: Obviously we cannot make that guarantee. It would be impossible to make such a claim and anyone who says otherwise is flat out lying to you. However, we do guarantee you will score much better by using this study guide then not using one at all.

6.  Are there any other discounts on the price if I buy say 30 copies in bulk?

A: Contact us via email. We do offer bulk Civil Service study guide pricing. We would deliver this study guide via Federal Express or the US Postal Service.

7. Can I get this Civil Service study guide in a hard copy and sent out in the mail?

A: No. We only offer the Civil Service study guide via electronic download. That is how we keep our price so low. Only multiple, bulk copy purchases are available in hard copy. Thanks for your understanding.

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