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Civil Service Accounting Technician Review and Study Book

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Chapters of Preparation:

Overview and Introduction to Common Test Content
Study and Discussion Section; Including Example Exercises
Full Length Practice Test
Complete Answer Key WITH Explanations
Tips, Tricks and other Information to Help YOU Score Big
Conclusion and Final Review of Topics and Subjects Covered

And More!

All of the most common subjects are covered and reviewed. Study after study indicates that proper test preparation is the number one strategy used by successful test-takers. As a result, getting the proper test preparation tools is critical to your success.

Subjects Covered:

Government Record Keeping
Journal Problems and Accounting Entries
Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles
Accounting Terminology
Working with the Public and Relations
Filing and Proofing
Coding and Checking
Understanding Graphs, Charts and Tabular Information
Understanding and Interpreting Written Information
Grammar, Punctuation and Organization
And More!

All of these subjects are covered in both the Study and Discussion section as well as the Practice Test.


200+ Pages of Preparation Material
130+ Practice Test Questions
Answer Key to Practice Test with Explanations
Test Discussion and Example Exercises
Review of Common Subjects
Special "tips" and "tricks"
And More!

Civil Service Accounting Technician Examination Study Guide

Includes Sample, Review and Discussion Test Prep!


-All of the above information and review material for this examination is included. And you gain access immediately after purchase.

Accounting Technician Test Study Materials
Sample Exercises, Exam Discussion, Content Review and More! 


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