Clerical Abilities Postal 710 Exam

Clerical Abilities Postal 710 Exam Study Guide - Practice Test and Review Book

Clerical Abilities Postal 710 Exam
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Product Description: This Clerical Abilities 710 Exam Study Guide helps you to get the preparation information needed to take the Civil Service Exam for these types of positions. And it contains only the most pertinent information that is needed for you to get completely "ready" for your examination in minimal time.

This Study Guide is filled with valuable information as it relates to common subject matter and question formats. As a result, you will learn more about the actual test content, as well as receive tips and tricks that make it easier to understand what you can expect before you take the "real" examination.

It starts out with a comprehensive Introduction Chapter which introduces you to the general layout of the test. The next chapter is the Study and Discussion Section that covers the various sections that are typically tested on the real test. Plus, that section also includes example exercises; as well as a comprehensive discussion/overview of how the various questions that are typically formatted. Bottom line? Doing so, gives you a really good idea of what you can expect overall before you take the "real" examination.

Next, once you have gained the knowledge of the general format of the exam, you get to take a full length Practice Test. And an Answer Key is provided so that you can check your answers. Thus, you gain a firm understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are as they relate to the material...

The final section of the Study Guide is where we review everything provided; helping you retain all of the exam material and subject matter. As a result, that kind of test preparation strategy helps you get the information needed to score to your full potential.

*The video below illustrates what this Study Guide Book is all about and how it can get you the test preparation needed; so that you can pass your test the first time, not the second or third time. In addition, it provides information about how our clients (just like you) appreciate a test preparation resource that can help you score big, when it matters most.

Clerical Abilities 710 Exam Study Guide Book

All of the Most Common Subject Matter and Various Question Formats are Covered

*Remember, Both the Verbal and Clerical Sections Are Included.

Chapters of Preparation


  • Full explanation of what type of Math problems you will likely be tested on.
  • Discussion of specific ways to attack each problem.
  • Full Math Section Practice problems.
  • Full explanation key of how the answer was derived.

Reading Comprehension:

  • Real example questions and reading passages.
  • Discussion of how to understand the author's intent.
  • Practice problems to solve.
  • Full explanation and answer key to the various practice problems.
Subject Covered

Spelling or Proofreading:

  • Full discussion about the spelling question content.
  • Full discussion of what to look out for.
  • Typical tricks use to throw you off.
  • Complete practice test and answer key to check your work.

Alphabetizing/Sequencing or Order:

  • Full Practice example problems.
  • Important: Explanation of how this section is presented/formatted.
  • Techniques to answer these question very quickly.
  • Full answer key to check your answers on the Practice Test.


Alike or Different, Address Checking:

  • Description of how this section is presented and formatted.
  • How to quickly move and select the most correct answers.
  • Scan techniques to choose the correct answer fast.
  • Full practice problems, including answer key.


  • What the test format will include.
  • Practice section.
  • Discover the typical pitfalls that are used to throw you off.

Word Meaning or Definitions:

  • Example problems.
  • How to determine what the most correct answer is.
  • Practice example problems and explanations.
  • Full answer key, to check your progress and accuracy.
  • Description of what this section is all about and how it is most likely to be presented.

Following Written Instructions:

  • Discussion of how to properly mark your answer sheet. You mark your answers much differently in this section. Discover how.
  • Sample questions and a full discussion of how to score big.
  • Results orientated discussion about how to follow the instructions and get the correct answer quicker than your competition.

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Clerical Abilities 710 Exam Study Guide and Review Book

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