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Product Description: USPS postal pre-employment Study Guide books (473E, 710 Clerical Abilities). USPS Post Office Test Preparation Study Guides include a full length sample examination as well as expert test discussion from our team of professional exam prep tutors.

You get a ton of insider-secrets that can help you score off-the-charts. Also included is many example problem exercises that help you get a firm understanding of how to solve each of the question types typically associated with these types of tests.

As you are probably well aware, these examinations are formatted way differently than any other type of test you have taken in your life.

And they are notoriously difficult. Thus, it is very critical that you prepare for your USPS Postal pre-qualification exam before you sit for the actual examination.

You see, the most difficult component that sets these types of tests apart from the "typical" certification or pre-employment exam is the format of the actual question types. In other words, these exams format the question types in a specific format so that it is unique to these types of exams only - thus making it very hard to prepare for.

Fortunately, all of the guess work can be taken out of the preparation process. Likewise, you really can prepare yourself for this examination through the use of a Post Office Exam study guide book. All of the typical question formats and subject matter is fully explained to you in a super easy to understand format.

Plus, the entire USPS Postal test preparation system is specifically setup to get you 100% ready to pass with minimal time and effort.

The Biggest Benefit?

You get a comprehensive Sample Practice Exam that covers all of the subject matter and question formats examined on this type of test.

ALL facets of the exam are covered.

This is extremely valuable to you as it gives you the opportunity to test your skills by trying to answer the question types similar to the real examination. As such, you will get a really good understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are as they relate to the exam format.

In addition, the provided Answer Key (which does include detailed explanations as to how to solve each question from the Practice Test) really helps you learn how to solve each question type. And that method of test prep gets you that laser-focus attitude needed in order to pass this exam with flying-colors.

Bottom Line?

After completing this study system you will be fully prepared to score into the upper-percentiles. The entire Postal Exam Test Preparation course is available via instant download (PDF format). You simply download the book to your computer, tablet phone or whatever device you want.

Meaning, you can get your hands on the most up-to-date information available in just a few seconds from now.

In the end, you will feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable about taking your required USPS exam.

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  1. Introduction: This is the section where you will first familiarize yourself with the subject topics that will be covered comprehensibly in the guide. You get the opportunity to learn all about common format and subject matter.
  2. Study and Discussion: This is a very important part of the study guide; where you will acquire all of the in-depth knowledge needed in order to pass the examination. Detailed illustrative example exercises as well as comprehensive overview of everything you need to know ahead of time before you sit for the actual test.
  3. Practice Test: Want to know what type of questions are commonly found on your exam? This section will show you what you are likely to expect as it relates to test content. Furthermore, it is specifically designed to give you a sneak peek at what to expect on the real exam.
  4. Answer Key: The answers you provided in the Practice Test with the detailed explanations available in this section of the study guide. Having an Answer Key with explanations is a handy asset as it allows you to measure your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the test content.
  5. Summary: All of the material covered in the study guide will be summarized for you. All topics and question formats are reviewed and broken down into bite size pieces in order for you to retain and conceptualize everything you learned throughout the Study Guide. As a result, you truly learn the material.

USPS Post Office Pre-Employment Exams

Preparation Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

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Who can afford to or even want to for that matter - to spend precious valuable time studying for material that will not be on the real examination. Everything you need to pass and score to your full-potential is right here. And it is available to you right now in one simple valuable resource for you to prepare with.

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Clerical Abilities Postal 710 Exam Study Guide and review. Discover common format and subject matter for comprehensive postal 710 test preparation. U.S. Postal Service 710 exam study guide and postal 710 practice test. Complete 710 clerical abilities study guide with real abiilities exam practice problems and answer key. Data Conversion Operator test or exam study guide for postal jobs. If you need to take the 710 battery test for usps employment get a study guide to ensure you pass your 710 exam.

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It is nearly impossible to prepare yourself for one of these examinations without some sort of guide to help direct the course of your preparation, and preparing improperly for one of these exams might just have results dismally comparable to taking the test without having prepared at all. This is why you need a powerful tool to help you to be ready; and a Post Office 473E Exam Study Guide is one of these tools.

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