Accountant Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

Accounting Exam Study Guide - Practice Test and Review Book

Product Description: This up-to-date Study Guide for Accounting exams contains several chapters of preparation that gives you everything you need in order to score to your full-potential and it is applicable to all pre-employment qualification exams for private sector, government, civil service at the federal state, country, city and local level (USA nationwide).

This Accounting Exam Study Guide Book is specifically formatted in a manner to help you outscore your competition and help you get the career you are after. It's super simple, easy and fast to prepare with. In fact, you get prepared with minimal effort, time and money.

Likewise, we know you don't want to spend months or weeks preparing for your exam, only to find out on test day that the real exam is totally different than what you expected. Our research team delivers to you only the most pertinent information needed to pass your test. We do not simply fill pages of the Study Guide with any filler "fluff" or any other irrelevant generic information. Rather, we laser-in on the specific subject matter and question formats in order to get you fully ready.

In the end, you will that this Accountant Exam Study Guide is easy to use and understand, enabling you to pass your test the first time, not the second or third time.

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  1. Introduction Section: The study guide opens by explaining exactly the way these types of exams are formatted as well as breaks down typical question format and subject matter. This strategy of test preparation is very important because as you begin to work through the Study Guide, you will quickly discover that these types of tests are DIFFERENT than a lot of the other "accounting" examinations you have taken. Again, it is extremely important to discover how this test is typically formatted - and it is for that reason that we dedicate a lot of time explaining to you exactly what to expect. That way you will know ahead of time what is most likely to be on the test and thus be ready to attack it.
  2. Study and Discussion Section: Here you will learn all of the relevant information relating to the test and discover (through the use of illustrative example exercises) everything you need to know ahead of time as it relates to typical examination subject matter. We break-down all of the question formats and concepts and tie everything together into a very easy to understand formula. And we review all of the most important accounting terms and principles so that you can refresh and brush up your skill sets.
  3. Practice Test: Next, you will progress on to the 'Practice Test' which is an invaluable way of finding out what the 'real' exam is going to be like - especially when it comes to the types of questions that will come up. This chapter is your chance to get some hands-on practice working with common exam question types you will have to solve on the real examination. As such, you get the opportunity to test your skills and measure your progress as it relates to the topics that will most likely be on your test. As a result, you get to see ahead of time how everything is typically laid out.
  4. Answer Key: In this chapter, you get the opportunity to compare your answers from the Practice Test to the correct solution provided in the Answer Key. But, we take it one step further by including detailed explanations for each of the questions in the Practice Test. In other words, you don't just "look up" your answers to the Practice Test and only see that the answer to a particular question is "B" for example. Rather, you are provided with the detailed explanations that explain step-by-step how the answers were derived. This is where you will really learn where your strengths and weaknesses are as they relate to test content as well as understand how to solve each particular question type.
  5. Summary Section: In this last chapter, all of the Study Guide information is summarized and reinforced. And we show you exactly how you can go back through the material in order to capitalize on your strong skill sets while minimizing your weaknesses. Plus, we throw in a ton of test taking "tips" and "tricks" that can help you gain those often critical extra points to put your score on top.

"Discover the Insider-Secrets to Score Big, When it Matters Most"

Do you know exactly what type of content is typically on this type of exam?

Do you know exactly how the questions are typically formatted?

If you are like most test takers - the answer is probably 'no'.

How to Properly Prepare for the Examination

Most people 'think' that they have a pretty good idea - or perhaps maybe even a very good idea of what will be on this type of examination... yet they still fail.

And as you probably know, there are a lot of "test study guides" out there that claim to help you prepare for this type of test.

You've probably seen everything from the generic bookstore guides (too outdated to be any help), to the so-called "CPA expert" guides; written, of course, by people who have never actually taken this type of test.

Accounting Exam Preparation Book

Meaning, while as we all know that "accounting" principles are constant in nature - what most test takers don't know is that the associated content and format is way different on these types of exams. Thus, you really do need a study guide that is specifically applicable to this type of test format and subject matter.

And please keep in mind that sometimes those other types of preparation material is made to 'look' comprehensive but when it comes down to it, upon closer examination - you would realize that the authors simply filled hundreds of pages with babbling rhetoric - desperately trying to make it seem 'authentic'.

Accounting Test Preparation

-Who can afford to read (or even want to read for that matter) hundreds of pages of mind-deadening, generic text, let alone try to learn anything useful from it?

-And how can someone really help you get laser-focused on passing the test if they've never taken it themselves?

How bad would you feel if, after spending all that time studying, you still weren't ready to pass your exam?

I'm sure you would be furious - not to mention the fact that you'd find yourself looking for other employment opportunities doing the "test" and "re-test" thing over and over hoping to get it right.

Trust me, over the last decade we have heard about this kind of situation way too many times.

Here is how we are going to solve this problem right now...

Pass the Smart Way, Not the Hard Way

We advise clients that the best way to get ready is to maximize your study time by making sure you are only studying the most relevant correct information.

A favorite slogan we tell clients is...

"Working hard is good, but working smart is best!"

-And, of course, nailing your exam without tearing your hair out and spending countless hours using some outdated 'memorization' technique is NOT a solution!

-After all, the end goal is to actually learn the material and not just brain dump it after the test.

Check out this important product video that helps illustrate exactly what is included in this test preparation system

Reviews and Feedback from Former Clients

Over the last decade online, helping our clients - The feedback and reviews we get from former clients indicates that the #1 reason for their success was that they knew ahead of time what to expect.

In addition, they say that a solid review of all of the basic fundamental rules and processes allowed them to remember a lot of the critical material they 'knew before' but hadn't thought about in a long time.

Furthermore, they claim that it was that specific set of direction / format of the study guide that helped them pass this test with flying colors.

Getting Your Test Score Over-the-Top

We have learned over the years that sometimes it's just not enough to simply study the content and format of this exam...

In other words, you need to also have some powerful test taking strategies that can help deliver those 'extra points' needed to put your score over the edge.

Likewise, that is precisely why we created TWO Special FREE Bonus Books in addition to guts of the Study Guide.

These two free books are specifically included so that you are ready for anything the exam throws at you. If you download your copy today = you get the entire Test Preparation Package.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services Department. They will answer ANY questions you may have and will always reply with a personal message.

Proper Preparation = 100 % Ready to PASS!

Study after study indicates that proper test preparation is the number one strategy used by successful test-takers. As a result, getting the proper test preparation tools is critical to your success.

It is highly advised to seek out an up-to-date Study Guide that specifically targets the most likely subjects you will be tested on. Taking that approach delivers the laser focus you need to score big, when it matters most.

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Accountant Examination Information

Test Study Guide Chapters of Preparation:

  • Introduction, Overview and General Test Format Information
  • Study and Discussion Section; Illustrative Example Exercises
  • Comprehensive Full Length Practice Test
  • Complete Answer Key WITH Explanations to the Practice Exam
  • Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Tested
  • Final Review of Topics Covered, Plus Extra "tips" and "tricks"
  • And More!

This system of preparation didn't happen overnight. Rather, our experts painstakingly took every ounce of research data, compressed it; and then re-vamped it all into one simple resource for you to practice with.

Plus, we understand how difficult it is to find time to prepare for this test. And we also recognize the fact that you probably don't want to spend months or weeks preparing for a test that doesn't cover the most likely material you will be tested on.

It is for that very reason that we created this product - as it gives you the opportunity to discover exactly how a lot of these types of tests are formatted. Furthermore, it allows you to get a much better idea of what you can expect overall as it relates to common subject matter and question format.

Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Covered:

  • Auditing
  • Government Record Keeping
  • Journal Problems and Accounting Entries
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Terminology
  • Working with the Public and Relations
  • Filing and Proofing
  • Coding and Checking
  • Understanding Graphs, Charts and Tabular Information
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding and Interpreting Written Information
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Organization
  • And More!
 Quality Accounting Exam Review Materials

All of these subjects are covered throughout the Study Guide. In addition, you get the opportunity to get some hands-on practice working with this type of test subject matter and question format.

Illustrative review exercises for each of the most common subjects typically tested on this type of examination are also included. Plus, we walk you through all of the various question formats as well as test topics in full detail by providing to you a full descriptive narrative so that you understand everything that may be on your examination.

In the end, you will find that this Study Guide is easy to work with, easy to understand and delivers to you all of the most relevant information needed in order to be 100% prepared for exam day.

Accountant Test Exercises

Score to Your Full-Potential with Minimal Study:

  • How to Eliminate the "Wrong" Answers Quickly
  • Secrets to Choosing the Most "Correct" Answer
  • Rules for Following Your Instincts
  • How to Make Educated Guesses
  • Specific Strategies for Proper Test Time Management
  • Overall Expert Designed Test-Taking Tactics
  • How Reading into the Directions Can Help You Score Big
  • Learn How to Exploit the Test "Instructions"
  • And More!

Our team of test taking experts carefully dedicates a tremendous amount of time researching and updating this Accountant Exam Study Guide in order to help you pass your test the first time, not the second or third time.

And don't forget, this study guide includes a ton of special test-taking techniques and insider "tips" and "tricks" - that are specifically designed in order for you to score to your full-potential. Another benefit to you is that this Study Guide is completely updated, so that you get the most current information available.

Up-to-Date Expert Created Test-Taking Information:

  • Reducing Test Anxiety for Your Specific Situation
  • Maximize Common "Cramming" Techniques
  • How to Score Big in Limited Test Time Allotment
  • Physical Strategies to Achieve Peek-Performance on Test Day
  • Best Practices of New Study Techniques
  • Identification of Common "Qualifiers" in Order to Choose the Correct Answer
  • Exploiting Your Attitude on Test Day
  • And More!
Accountant Test Study Guide

We believe that by taking the time to compile all of the most pertinent material into one comprehensive resource for preparation is the number one way for you to score to your maximum ability. Plus, it eliminates the need for you to spend months or weeks trying to figure out which test preparation system is best for you. In other words, all of the research has already been done for you and it is all neatly compiled into one easy-to-understand resource for you to practice with.

Pass Your Accounting Test

Discover the Insider-Secrets, Score Big when it Matters Most!

  • Pro-Zone® Test Study Guides Delivers Expert-Created Study Guides
  • Specific Information Targeted to Help You Score Big, When it Matters Most
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  • Includes FREE Bonus Material
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  • Fast-Track Your Exam Success, the Easy-Way
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  • Your Truly Learn the Material, the Smart Way!
  • And More!

In order to pass this examination, you will need to make sure you do everything in your power to prepare. And the best way for you to get the most out of your test preparation process is to get some "hands-on" training practicing and reviewing with the types of subject matter and question formats most likely to be on your particular examination.

We don't waste your time filling pages of study with irrelevant material. Rather, our goal is to provide you with only the most relevant information required so that you can pass your test with flying colors!

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Our subject matter experts have completed all of the quantitative and qualitative test research for you.

And the result of their painstaking labor is all neatly packaged together for you; into one simple resource for you to practice with.

Plus, we understand the nature of standardized test taking and the requirement for the test-taker to perform at a high level under pressure. Furthermore, we understand that there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there regarding the best way to get ready for this type of examination.

It is for those very reasons that this Study Guide is deliberately and comprehensively put together in plain, easy to follow language. In other words, you will learn how to extract the most complex material into manageable derivatives and successfully solve each of the various question types over and over and over again.

Accountant Exam Study Guide Content Summary:

  • Auditing
  • Government Record Keeping
  • Journal Problems and Accounting Entries
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Terminology
  • Working with the Public and Relations
  • Filing and Proofing
  • Coding and Checking
  • Understanding Graphs, Charts and Tabular Information
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding and Interpreting Written Information
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Organization
  • 200+ Pages of Preparation Material
  • 130+ Practice Test Questions
  • Answer Key to the Practice Exam WITH Explanations
  • Illustrative Example Exercises
  • General Test Format Discussion
  • Special "tips" and "tricks"
  • And More!

Important: Sometimes it just isn't enough to learn all of the exam specifics in order to outscore your competition.

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You see, these free bonus items are specifically designed and tailored to help you score to your maximum ability.

We understand that it has probably been awhile since you have taken an exam. And that's why we are including this type of additional material (at zero cost) as it can help you score those crucial extra points needed to put your score into the passing-zone.

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All of the most common subject matter and test format is covered in an easy to follow and understand format.

-Please do not hesitate for a second to contact Client Services if you have any questions. Remember, we are here to help you and are standing by to assist you with anything you may need.

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Accountant Test Study Guide and Practice Exam

Accountant Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

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