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Accounting Paraprofessional Test Preparation Book

What's Included?

The Accounting Paraprofessional Exam Study Guide consists of several chapters of study.

In the first chapter, you are introduced to content and test format. In the second chapter, which is called the Study and Discussion section, you will find all information that you need to prepare for your exam, plus some example exercises and illustrations of how to solve various problems.

In the next chapter you will be able to test your skills with the full-length Accounting Paraprofessional Practice Test, so you can see and track your progress. And you will be able to see how well you are getting prepared by checking your answers using the included Answer Key with detailed explanations. This allows you to measure your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to common Accounting Paraprofessional test content.

We've made this Study Guide easy for you to understand and, of course, to be easy for you to use it. At the end, when the actual exam comes you will be more than ready to make the best scores ever!

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Accounting Paraprofessional Test Study Guide and Practice Exam

Accounting Paraprofessional Test Study Guide and Practice Test

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