Administrative Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

Administrative Exam Study Guide - Practice Test and Review Book

Product Description: This Administrative type Exam Study Guide book is applicable to prepare for an examination that would fall under the category of Administrative, Clerical, Office, Support types of tests.

You can be sure this admin type examination Study Guide is relevant to your test as all of the quantitative research has been done for you. In other words, our team of test taking experts have identified all of the core content and subject matter typically used throughout the nation and packaged all that data into one complete resource for your practice with.

In fact, the Study Guide includes our Special 5 Step Preparation Program which is designed for maximum success. Here is a brief overview of what exactly is inside of this Study Guide.

This Study Guide is applicable to examinations across the country...

***Applicable to administrative type exams for pre-employment private sector, government, civil service and more at the federal, state, county, city and local level***

In the end, you will find this Study Guide Book is easy to use and easy to understand. And will help you feel a lot more comfortable about taking the actual examination. Plus, the Guide is constantly updated to match the newest version of the test and thus available to you today via instant download. The entire Study Guide is now transcribed into a simple PDF file that you can download to your computer, phone or any other device. There truly is no better way to prepare.

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Administrative Study Guide Book Product Video

-The video below helps to further illustrate exactly what you can expect when you use this Study Guide for your Administrative Test Preparation.

Why Choose this Preparation System?

In order to answer that question, just ask yourself...

Do you know what type of questions will be on this type of examination?

Do you know what type of subject matter will be on this type of test?

If you are like most people, the answer is probably 'no'.

Don't worry you are not alone!

Administrative Exam Preparation Book

In fact, our Client Services department gets emails often asking those types of questions.

And let's face it, how would you know ahead of time what to expect?

After all these examinations are formatted way differently than any other exam you have probably taken throughout your lifetime.

In order to illustrate, I want to share with you an all too common example story that helps depict this dilemma...

Administrative Test Preparation

A young woman named 'Sarah' explains that she had those same questions relating to her examination. And yes, naturally she did a ton of searching around online for information in order to get a head start on the other applicants.

However, what she later reveals and explains is that even though she thought she was plenty "smart" and thus didn't go into the examination by preparing... she says that she ended up finding out the hard way that it was one of the biggest mistakes she made in her professional career.

You see, like a lot of people - she says that even though she did a ton of research online trying to decipher what was going to be on the examination, a lot of it ended up being time wasted. After 'seeing' the actual exam, she knew right away that she was in trouble big time. As soon as she started working through the various question types - she was concerned immediately.

Later she got one of those letters 'thanking' her for going through the process and explaining she did not get the job - but that they would keep her application on file for 6 months.

I won't drag out this type of situation any further, but the point is to learn from her unfortunate experience and thus understand that it is highly suggested that you don't cut corners in your test preparation process.

What you really need to know is that these exams are structured in a specific manner
in order to throw you off your game.

You see, the people who created these type of pre-employment exams seemed to have purposely put together a format that you supposedly cannot study for.

Administrative Test Coaching

That said, the good news is that you really can take some 'short-cuts' and come out smelling like a rose and get the job you are after - if you know a few insider-secrets.

This is accomplished by working with the questions and subject matter you are most likely going to have to solve on exam day.

-How great would it be to have a chance to sort of 'preview' the test before you actually have to take it?


-How advantageous would it be to get the opportunity to see the type of material you most likely will be tested on - before you sit for the actual examination!

In other words, imagine sitting down to take the test and instead of feeling uncomfortable, restless or perhaps a lot of anxiety - that you feel...

Calm and confident - maybe even a bit excited-because you know that you're going to ace this exam!

I know this is a lot of information to think about, but you don't need to 'over-think' this whole preparation process and make it more difficult than it needs to be.

This is due to the fact that there is some super simple steps you can take in order to pass with flying colors - the first time you take the exam, not the second or third time.

Do it Right the 1st Time, NOT the Next Time

Our staff does receive those emails from people asking all the same questions you probably have and we reply and answer their questions accordingly. But some still choose to not use a Study Guide to prepare with.

And of course we do get the eventual clients who sat for the test, failed and ended up delaying their professional endeavor's because they didn't get it right the first time around.

Don't make the same 'little mistake'

The truth is, a lot people (even highly educated ones) fail or simply do not score high enough to outscore the competition on this test.

Bottom Line:

Sometimes it just doesn't matter how 'smart' you are, what grades you got back in school, or how much experience you may have - this exam can send you back on the job hunting roller coaster - if you don't properly prepare for it.

Study Guide Book for Administrative Type Exams

Focus on What Most Likely "Will BE", not what you "THINK" will be on the exam.

Over the last decade what we discovered is that the problem is that some of the other programs out there may have been written years ago. In other words, they may be outdated and thus not applicable to your examination.

Or perhaps even worse they may not even be relevant (subject matter and question format) to the exam you will be taking as they are not geared toward the most likely content you will have to work with.

Administrative Test - Special 5 Steps Formula

Both of those examples happen because, let's face it examinations do change content wise from time to time. After all, why would any administrating body continue to give the same exam over and over for decades? That would make it a basically open book test, no testing authority would allow that.

As a result, the most important components when choosing a Study Guide - is to make sure it is up-to-date. And any 'book' that has been sitting on a shelf for years is likely not going to help you much.

You've probably seen everything from the generic 'bookstore' type study guides, to the so-called "PhD expert" guides (written, of course, by people who have never actually taken the test) that may be packed full of hundreds of pages to make it look "comprehensive", when in reality it is just filled with nonspecific information.

Plus, who can afford to read or even want to read for that matter - hundreds of pages of mind-deadening, generic text, let alone learn anything useful from it? It just takes way too much time, especially when there is so much else going on in our lives.

Also, consider - who is going to answer any questions you may have? Not the 'corporate' type fly by night resellers that's for sure...

-Our Client Services Department is unique in the fact that we will NEVER send you one of those 'generic' replies - rather we will address your question specifically!

Here's how we are going to get your test score into the passing-zone today without months or weeks of study...

Study Guide Content Details

  • Immediate access to 180+ pages of the most up-to-date test preparation material available, with absolutely no page filler stuff -continuously updated by our team of experts as the exam changes
  • An insider peek at content formatted to mirror exactly the real exam so that you won't be caught off guard
  • Discussion and example exercises of particular topics so you can take your understanding deeper and make sure you really "get" each subject
  • A full, comprehensive Practice Test (135+ Questions), which will give you a mental edge on other test takers
  • An Answer Key for the Practice Exam that doesn't just give you the 'answers', but actually helps you understand how the questions are solved. Nothing is more critical to your test-taking success than learning what's actually behind the questions
  • Instruction on how to THINK about the questions. Please remember, becoming familiar and getting the opportunity to work with the types of questions and subjects most likely to be on the exam is the #1 way to pass
  • All of the research and data collection that you need to pass has been done for you. It's all in one place, right here. So there's no need to spend hours or weeks trying to figure out what study plan is best for you.

Special 5 Step Test Prep Formula
Pro-Zone® Test Study Guide Books

  1. Introduction: This is where you will be introduced to all the subject topics that will be covered in the exam. ALL topics are covered in detail through discussion and illustrative example exercises.
  2. Study and Discussion: This section of the study guide is where you will cover the main material for the exam. There are useful practice exercises as you progress through the chapter which will help you to ascertain how well you are doing.
  3. Practice Test: When you feel you have covered the previous sections sufficiently, it will be time for you to use the practice test as a way of finding out what the main exam is going to be like.
  4. Answer Key: Use this section of the study guide to check your answers given in the practice test against the detailed explanations provided.
  5. Summary: The final section will summarize all of the material you have covered throughout the study guide as well as provide insider tips and tricks.

Let's Now Turn Our Attention and Discuss All of the Special Features in Detail, Please Check-out This Important Video

Administrative Test Study Guide Book Product Video

Features Our Study Guide Online Re-Sellers Bookstore Type
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Administrative Examination Information

Test Study Guide Chapters of Preparation:

  • Introduction, Overview and General Test Format Information
  • Study and Discussion Section; Illustrative Example Exercises
  • Comprehensive Full Length Practice Test
  • Complete Answer Key WITH Explanations to the Practice Exam
  • Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Tested
  • Final Review of Topics Covered, Plus Extra "tips" and "tricks"
  • And More!

This system of preparation didn't happen overnight. Rather, our experts painstakingly took every ounce of research data, compressed it; and then re-vamped it all into one simple resource for you to practice with.

Plus, we understand how difficult it is to find time to prepare for this test. And we also recognize the fact that you probably don't want to spend months or weeks preparing for a test that doesn't cover the most likely material you will be tested on.

It is for that very reason that we created this product - as it gives you the opportunity to discover exactly how a lot of these types of tests are formatted. Furthermore, it allows you to get a much better idea of what you can expect overall as it relates to common subject matter and question format.

Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Covered:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Working with Sorting, Numbers, Letters and Order
  • Recognizing Proper Grammar and Punctuation
  • Customer Service
  • Human Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Directions and Coding
  • And More!
Quality Administrative Exam Review Materials

And we won't waste your time filling pages of prep material with information that is not relevant. You see, we cut out all of the fluff and only zeroed in on the nation's most applicable materials commonly tested for these type of tests.

Plus, you also benefit as we only include the most up-to-date-information. In other words, we have the ability to change the study guide as the examination content changes; thus putting in your hands the most current information available.

Administrative Test Exercises

Discover How to Score Big When it Matters Most

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  • Study Guide Book Can Deliver those "Extra" Needed Points to Maximize Your Score
  • A Client Support Network System Dedicated to Help You Pass
  • And More!

Study after study does indicate a strong correlation between those whom do choose to prepare for an examination, perform better than those that do not. In other words, it is highly suggested to prepare for your particular exam before your actual test day arrives. After all, you don't want to get blindsided on test day.

In fact, this test preparation material has been helping clients, just like you, for years. And that is why it is highly suggested to get-on-board with other successful clients and discover everything you need to know about your exam, before the big day arrives.

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Administrative Ebook Download

Please review everything that is being offered. You get immediate access to all of the information including Overall Test Format Review, Illustrative and Quantitative Example Questions Discussion, Practice Test, Answer Key with Explanations, Review of Common Subjects Covered, Test Taking Techniques, Insider Tips and Tricks and More.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to advise our Client Services Department. We will always get back to you promptly with a personal reply.

Administrative Type Test Study Guide Book Summary:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling, Grammar, Math
  • Working with Sorting, Numbers, Letters and Order
  • Punctuation and Proper English Usage
  • Customer Service
  • Human Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Charts, Diagrams and Spreadsheets
  • Directions and Coding
  • 180+ Pages of Preparation
  • 135+ Practice Test Questions
  • Answer Key to the Practice Test WITH Explanations
  • General Discussion of Overall Test Format
  • Example Illustrative Problem Exercises
  • Review of Typical Subject Matter and Topics
  • Special Expert Test-Takers Exam Taking Secrets
  • And More!

Important: Sometimes it just isn't enough to learn all of the exam specifics in order to outscore your competition.

And it is for that very reason that we created TWO Special FREE Bonus Books to supplement your exam preparation.

You see, these free bonus items are specifically designed and tailored to help you score to your maximum ability.

We understand that it has probably been awhile since you have taken an exam. And that's why we are including this type of additional material as it can help you score those crucial extra points needed to put your score into the passing-zone.

FREE Bonus Gifts Included

All of the above information and review material for this examination is included.

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Avert possible months or weeks of wasted study time or studying the wrong material - by joining our team of satisfied clients and get started right now. All of the most common subject matter and test format is covered in an easy to follow and understand narrative.

-Please do not hesitate for a second to contact Client Services if you have any questions. Remember, we are here to help you and are standing by to assist you with anything you may need.

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Administrative Test Study Guide and Practice Exam

Administrative Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

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