Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam Study Guide - Practice Test

Product Description: The Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam Study Guide and Practice Test is a comprehensive preparation system to help you prepare for and pass the Entry-Level Account Clerical Test. Included in this book is a study and discussion section for each area on your test. You will go through a discussion on what types of questions and content you may see on your exam.

You will also work through the sample exercises and practice problems for each subject area covering spelling, alphabetizing and sorting, record keeping, math, directory checking, coding, following directions amongst other subject areas.

After you have completed the first part of the book, you can move on to the full-length practice test to assess your skills and determine where you need to spend additional study time. This allows you to get better results and effectively study and prepare for your test ensuring you will score off-the-charts. Thus, you truly learn how to score big when it matters most.

Once you have mastered the material for the Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam, you will be much more prepared than others sitting for the test and increase the likelihood that you will be offered the job. And all of the test prep material is available to you right now via instant download. Meaning, you can discover everything you need to know in order to pass in just a few seconds from right now.

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Entry-Level Account Clerical Test Prep - Includes Practice Sample Exam

-The video below helps to further illustrate exactly what you can expect when you use this Study Guide for your Entry-Level Account Clerical Test Preparation.

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Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam Study Guide Book Content Summary

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling, Grammar, Math
  • Working with Sorting, Numbers, Letters and Order
  • Punctuation and Proper English Usage
  • Customer Service
  • Human Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Charts, Diagrams and Spreadsheets
  • Directions and Coding
  • 180+ Pages of Preparation
  • 135+ Practice Test Questions
  • Answer Key to the Practice Test WITH Explanations
  • General Discussion of Overall Test Format
  • Example Illustrative Problem Exercises
  • Review of Typical Subject Matter and Topics
  • Special Expert Test-Takers Exam Taking Secrets
  • And More!

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Entry-Level Account Clerical Test Study Guide and Practice Exam

Entry-Level Account Clerical Exam Study Guide and Practice Test

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