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Office Support Specialist Exam Study Guide
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Product Description: This up-to-date Study Guide for the Office Support Specialist Examination contains several chapters of preparation that gives you everything you should need in order to score to your full-potential.

The study chapters include an Introduction section that explains what you can expect overall as it relates to test format and content. Next is the Study and Discussion section; in which you get to discover all of the various question formats and subject matter. Several example exercises and illustrations of how to solve the various problems are also included.

The third part of the Guide is where you get to test your skills by taking a full length Practice Test. All of the various subjects are covered as well as the actual format of each question type. This valuable section truly helps you better understand what to expect as it relates to common test content and structure.

Next, you get to check your work by using the provided Answer Key. The Answer Key includes full explanations as to how the answers to each question in the Practice Test were derived. Using this method - you truly learn the material as well as can determine where your strengths and weaknesses are as they relate to the material.

Lastly, we wrap everything together that you learned throughout the Study Guide by reviewing all of the core concepts. In the end, you will find the Guide is easy to use, easy to understand and will help you feel a lot more comfortable about taking the actual examination. Plus, the Guide is constantly updated to match the newest version of the test. There truly is no better way to prepare.

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Chapters of Preparation

Office Support Specialist Study Guide Chapters of Preparation:

  • Introduction, Overview and General Test Format Information
  • Study and Discussion Section; Illustrative Example Exercises
  • Comprehensive Full Length Practice Test
  • Complete Answer Key WITH Explanations to the Practice Exam
  • Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Tested
  • Final Review of Topics Covered, Plus Extra "tips" and "tricks"
  • And More!

All of the most common subjects are covered and reviewed. Study after study indicates that proper test preparation is the number one strategy used by successful test-takers. As a result, getting the proper test preparation tools is critical to your success.

You also benefit by getting to work with our expert created preparation material that mirrors this type of test content. This is where you learn all about the various question formats on the exam. Thus, you get a very good idea what to expect overall before you take the real test.

Plus, we walk you through it all by breaking down all of the subject matter into bite size pieces so that you can quickly and easily comprehend the material.

Subject Covered

Includes All of the Most Common Subjects Covered:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Working with Sorting, Numbers, Letters and Order
  • Recognizing Proper Grammar and Punctuation
  • Customer Service
  • Human Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Directions and Coding
  • And More!

All of these subjects are covered in both the Study and Discussion sections as well as the Practice Test. In addition, each of these topics are illustrated through the use of example problems and discussion exercises. Using that method, you truly learn the material.

It is highly advisable to make sure you choose to prepare for your exam using only the most up-to-date information available. And as you are well aware, there is a lot of misinformation and other misconceptions related to these types of examinations out there. Therefore, no matter which study guide you end up purchasing; do make sure it includes all of the various topics and subject matter most likely to be on your examination.

Strategic Tactics

Strategic Tactics to Maximize Your Score:

  • Test Time Management Strategies to Maximize Your Effort
  • How to Identify the Most Likely "Wrong" Answers
  • Tactics to Follow Your Instincts
  • Learn How to Make Educated Guesses
  • Expert Provided Test-Taking Strategies
  • Specifically How Reading the Directions Can Boost Your Score
  • Exploit the Overall Format of the Test
  • And More!

Our experts spent an enormous amount of time painstakingly researching all of the most common topics and subject matter related to this type of examination.

The overall goal in developing this Office Support Specialist Exam Study Guide is to get you ready to score to your full-potential without months or weeks of preparation. Rather, the objective is to help you pass your test the first time, not the second or third time.

In order to meet that objective, we have also included a ton of specific test-taking techniques in this Office Support Specialist Test Study Guide Book. This kind of supplemental bonus material delivers the required information needed in order for you to score big; when it matters most.

Professional Up-to-Date Office Support Specialist Test Preparation Material

Test Preparation
  • Test-Taking Strategies for Limited Test Allotted Time
  • Rules for Reducing Test Anxiety for Your Specific Situation
  • How to Achieve "Peak-Performance" on Test Day
  • Benefit From New Test Taking Tactics Specifically Designed to Beat the Exam
  • Learn How Correct "Cramming" Can Help You Score Big
  • Discover How to Eliminate So-Called "Qualifiers" and Choose the Best Answer
  • Getting Your Physical "Attitude" Ready to Maximize Your Mental Ability
  • How Reading the "Answers" First, Can Give You an Edge
  • Why Getting the Most Up-to-Date Information is Critical to Your Success
  • Available via Instant-Download, You Can Start Studying Right Now
  • And More!

You see, we believe that the best way for you to get the most out of your test preparation process is to get some "hands-on" training working with the types of subject matter and question formats most likely to be on your particular examination.

Furthermore, we don't waste your time filling pages of study with irrelevant material. Rather, our goal is to provide you with only the most relevant information that you need to pass.

Score Big

Discover How to Score Big When it Matters Most

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  • Capitalize on an Expert Created, Professional Test Preparation Resource
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  • Outscore the Competition, Without Months or Weeks of Study
  • Study Guide Book Can Deliver those "Extra" Needed Points to Maximize Your Score
  • A Client Support Network System Dedicated to Help You Pass
  • And More!

Plus, you get the opportunity to measure your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the examination material by checking your answers to the Practice Test using the Answer Key.

As a result, you truly get ready for your examination as we only provide you with the most relevant information that you need, in order to pass your examination with flying colors!

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Our experts have already identified all of the most common test information. As a result, we have compiled all of the most applicable up-to-date material available into ONE simple quantitative resource for you to practice with.

Please review everything that is being offered. You get immediate access to all of the most up-to-date study information right now. All of the test discussion, illustrative example exercises, practice test, answer key as well as valuable insider test-taking tips and tricks in included. And it is all available to you via instant download.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Client Services.

Office Support Specialist Exam Study Guide Content Summary:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling, Grammar, Math
  • Working with Sorting, Numbers, Letters and Order
  • Punctuation and Proper English Usage
  • Customer Service
  • Human Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Charts, Diagrams and Spreadsheets
  • Directions and Coding
  • 180+ Pages of Preparation
  • 135+ Practice Test Questions
  • Answer Key to the Practice Test WITH Explanations
  • General Discussion of Overall Test Format
  • Example Illustrative Problem Exercises
  • Review of Typical Subject Matter and Topics
  • Special Expert Test-Takers Exam Taking Secrets
  • And More!
Bonus Books

All of the above information and review material for this examination is included. And you gain access immediately after purchase.

Office Support Specialist Test Study Guide and Practice Exam

Office Support Specialist Exam Study Guide

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