CJBAT - Law Enforcement Exam - Score to Your Full Potential

If you are thinking about becoming a CJBAT - Law Enforcement, you will have to take the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test - Law Enforcement pre-employment examination. The exam is offered at the federal, state, county, or even possibly the local level, depending on the position you are applying for. Many people sit for the exam. Some do well, while others fail miserably. You need to make sure that if you want to be considered for employment, you must score high. In order to Score to Your Full Potential on the exam, don't make the following mistakes:

-You decide not to study

-You decide to study, but wait until the day before the exam to start

-You end up choosing one of those "generic bookstore" types of study guides

-You purchase too many study guides and suffer from information overload

-The study guide you choose is outdated and printed years ago

By making any of the above mistakes, you may not pass your exam. You want to maximize your time and study the items that will be on your test. You also want to practice with question types that are most likely to be on your test.

The key to passing this test is to understand what areas will be on your exam. You want to become familiar with the question formats. You also want to become familiar with tricks and other variables that are used by test designers to solely throw you off. The best way to accomplish this is to look for the following:

-Pick out a guide that is as new as possible (printed at least 2008 or newer, this test does change)

-Choose a guide that has both a practice test and answer key with explanations

-Make sure your guide is CJBAT - Law Enforcement Exam specific

-Try and find only one guide, so that you cut-out the information overload

Don't make the mistake of not studying for the exam or studying the wrong content. You want to go into exam day feeling confident and knowing what to expect. By following the above, you will pass your exam with a high score without having to spend months studying for the test.

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